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Product 1



Imission measurements Process control systems

This first product-immission monitoring is used by pollution control. Container is equipped by monitoring of gaseous pollutant as SO2, NO/NOx, CO O3 and dust monitor PM10 (5). All data including meteorological conditions (wind direction and velocity, air temperature, humidity and pressure, sun radiation) are stored in PC. PC is permanent connected to internet. Data are sent to customer or municipality by suitable protocol as HTTP or FTP

Second product is used by emission measurements and by process control. Possible measured components: SO2, NO/NOx, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, O2 and other. There is as necessary addition installed measurements of gas flow velocity, temperature and pressure.

Main advantages

  • on-line pollution control
  • technological process proceedings
  • meteorological information used e.g. by wind mills



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